Would you question the popularity of cotton?

That’s because cotton is a true gift from mother nature. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have counted on it to keep us warm & safe over thousands of years. Since its introduction to Western civilization in 800 A.D., it has provided us with its warmth & softness. And when it has finished its life course, it goes back to mother nature with nothing left behind. A truly sustainable material.

Speaking of this great material the mother nature gave us, you might have known that U. S. is one of major producer of cotton, but did you know U. S. cotton farms uses the most advanced technologies in irrigation & pesticides? In the social responsibility view, shouldn’t we demand more of product made using U. S. grown cotton? And yet, U. S. grown cotton has become a victim of a trade war.

So here comes our 2nd pledge. We will insist on manufacturing our products made with 100% cotton that has grown only in the U. S.

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